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A few words about me

My name is Dieula Joseph

“I am Licensed in Clinical Social Work (LCSW)  and Chemical Dependency, (LCDD). I help clients acquire competencies in problem solving, anger management, and understand the impact of their behavior on self and others and make alternative behavior changes.   My therapeutic approach is built on the client’s strength rather than weakness and deficit.   I believe everyone has the ability to reach his/or her full potential and discover peace, joy, and happiness.”

Mentorship & Guidance

In our business we provide Drug and Alcohol Dependency focused counseling service focused on helping clients address personal concerns around substance abuse and chemical dependency. Gallant Counseling Services delivers years of clinical expertise with the highest quality of care. Gallant Counseling Services helps clients overcome challenges through one-on-one counseling, support and advocacy, mental health education and personalized recovery planning.